Active artboard display

The artboards.setActiveArtboardIndex(index) method makes the specified artboard active in the document and available for operations in the script. The user identifies the active artboard in Illustrator by:

  • black pixel frame,
  • highlighted in the Artboards panel,
  • Artboard Tool (Shift+O) shows the artboard name in the Control panel.

Running setActiveArtboardIndex has an interface bug: the active artboard gets a black border, but the highlighting and name do not change.

Part of the interface is not updated

The app.redraw() command or reopening the Artboards panel by calling app.executeMenuCommand(‘Adobe Artboard Palette’) twice will not reset this interface bug. But fortunately, the scripts continue to work without error.

Illustrator CS5/CS6 users report that in them, the active artboard highlighting changes after the script runs.



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Sergey Osokin. I’m a illustrator & Script Developer (Ai, Ps). Writing about bugs and tricks.