TextFrame path points

2 min readAug 23, 2022

For area type and type on a path, a path is a vector. You can do the same with textPath as with other paths: recolor, change position, and more. The point array of a text path can also be manipulated: select, move, add, and delete.

Moving a text path point

While it is enough to select at least one point on a vector path to work with all the points, the text path has a problem. You have to select the whole path, otherwise scripting methods won’t work.

The difference between selecting PathItem points and TextFrame points

Also, textPath has a property for getting an array of selected points: textPath.selectedPathPoints, but you can’t use that either unless you select the whole path.

The problem with selectedPathPoints property

To summarize, the current API does not allow you to work with a partially selected TextFrame. You need to get the TextFrame by an index in the collection or select it and use the app.selection array, otherwise selection.length will return zero.




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